Friday, 28 February 2014

Hinds Bros Announce Record Deal, A New Track, Plus 'Ocean of Milk' Re-Release in 2014 with Sheer Records

So we realize it's been a little while since we gave you an update on what we've been up to friends. Life moves along faster than ever, and we're already well into the year 2014, wow! Among other things, we need to fill you in on a new track we recorded while on tour in December (that we'd like to give away free to our loyal fans), a record deal and the 2014 re-release of our debut album 'Ocean of Milk'.

We ended 2013 with a mellow acoustic tour of the Cape, and had some great shows in Cape Town, The Crags and Knysna among other places. But along with a great show in Port Elizabeth, we managed to find an hour or so to record a song that we originally planned to be on 'Ocean of Milk' but somehow didn't make the cut. 'Gone & Grey' was recorded at Tanglewood Studios by John Dirker. We did a live take (which John filmed as well) before we had to race off to perform in Plettenberg Bay that night. We're really stoked with how it turned out, you can see the video here:

Soon after returning from the Cape Tour, in early January as the heat was rising on the East Coast of Africa, we finalized and signed a licensing deal for 'Ocean of Milk' with South Africa's most successful independent label, Sheer Records. With the signing of the album over to Sheer, there will also be a 2014 release date, and the record will finally be available in the best music stores nationwide, as well as iTunes etc. In addition, we still have a few copies of the limited edition digipak left, which will be available at our shows or over here -

We look forward to connecting soon again, big love from us!