Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Johannesburg 'Ocean of Milk' Album Launch & Update

Critical response after releasing 'Ocean of Milk' has been truly humbling, with amazing reviews in Audio & Video and Rolling Stone magazines among others. 'The Drifter' has been playlisted on East Coast Radio and 'Runaway Train' and 'World of Clones' are being rotated on quite a few independent radio stations in UK, USA and Germany. We are presently in negotiations for licensing the album to a local indie label, but we can't say anything more on that until the fat lady has sung.

Aside from that, we will be launching 'Ocean of Milk' in Johannesburg in just over one weeks time on Thursday 14 November at il Giardino, 44 Stanley Rd. Joining us on stage will be some of SA's finest musicians, including Wynand J Davel on violin, Sez Adamson on steel guitar & dobro, Brad Cooper on drums and James Sunney on double bass. Pre-sale tickets can be aquired for R80 each (R100 at the door) at Quicket and seats are limited to just 150. 

Hope to see you there Jozi! For more head on over to our website at http://hindsbros.com

Much love as always, Aden & Wren

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Some Free Music from 'Ocean of Milk' & Durban Concert Launch

Firstly a HUGE thank you to all who came along to our Durban live concert launch of 'Ocean of Milk' at UKZN last Saturday. We were humbled by the incredible support we received from you all, and honestly could not have asked for a better audience...

Just a week or so ago, we put a 4 track sampler of the album up for free download at one of our favorite websites, http://noisetrade.com - we are now excited to announce that this week we are featured on the Noisetrade homepage as well as in their weekly email as 'New & Notable'. It is a great way for you to share the music with friends and family because it's free... If you haven't already got your copy of 'Ocean of Milk' why not grab the 4 track sampler here!

Some upcoming KZN performance dates include an intimate performance at Bluestockings in Kloof called "Songwriters: An evening with the Hinds Brothers" on Friday 13th September where we will be performing songs from 'Ocean of Milk' and talking the the audience through the process of writing, recording and creating the album. The following week we'll be heading to the mountains for a full band performance at The annual White Mountain Festival in the Drakensburg on Friday 20th September. Come end of the month we'll also be performing at LIVE the Venue on Stamford Hill Rd (Friday 27th September) with an all star band including Bruce Baker (drums), Logan Byrne (bass), Ant Cawthorn-Blazeby (violin) and Richard Haslop (dobro & mandolin). Dates for the upcoming 'Ocean of Milk' nationwide tour will be announced shortly.

Thanks again for your support, if it were not for you where would we be? We'd love to connect again soon, please keep in touch!

Much love,
Aden & Wren

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ocean of Milk Launch Day - A Very Good Day Indeed

So today is a very happy day for us friends. Our debut album, Ocean of Milk, is now officially available for you to hear and share. We consider this to be the culmination of a lot of energy over the 4 years that we've worked together as Hinds Brothers. The journey has had it's difficulties no doubt, but today we feel that whatever they have been, it has all been worth it.

The time has come to listen to the record..........

If the sound is sweet to your ears, we have some beautifully packaged card digipack CDs with 16 page booklets that smell very good to the nose too... A digital download in any format you may desire is also available.

You know, this kind of love makes the world go round...
Aden & Wren

Monday, 19 August 2013

Why You Should Be at The Hinds Brothers 'Ocean of Milk' Album Launch

We're preparing for our finest concert to date, with the Durban 'Ocean of Milk' album launch set to take place from 7pm on Saturday 31st August at The Howard College Theatre in Glenwood. We've gathered an incredible line-up of musicians to join us for the performance, including Sez Adamson (pedal & lap steel), Richard Haslop (dobro & mandolin) as well as the 'ex Landscape Prayers' trio of Ant Cawthorn-Blazeby (fiddle), Bruce Baker (drums) & Logan Byrne (upright bass).

Tickets are available through Quicket, and you can find the Facebook event here. We also have limited edition tickets that you can get your hands on by emailing us :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Syd Kitchen and I, and how we survived...

What a long and strange journey it has been... My brother Wren and I began playing music together some 4 years ago, shortly after his return from travelling through Israel, Egypt and Jordan. During that time, I had been performing solo and touring with Syd Kitchen, who had taken me on as a musical son under his rather unstable wing... A dream I had one night a year or two before while still living in Johannesburg became reality on one of these adventures through the Transkei with Syd. I came as close to death as I had ever been before, or have been since. 

We were struck from behind by an ambulance that was flying (funny thing is they had no emergency, they were just cruising around normally for a Sunday in the Kei) and were spun and propelled off the road and flung off a bridge. My car was to end up on the driver side in a dry river bed some 30 metres or so off the road the road, and I remember those moments as some of the most vivid of my life... Syd was groaning and not all together there...  I just chanted Hare Krishna and managed to undo my seatbelt and crawl out of the boot, to the amazement of some onlooking Rastafarians who had observed the whole accident as if watching a film while chilling out on the wall of an old church. After I had helped Syd out of the wreck, the Rastas were so shocked that we had both survived, they couldn't help shouting encouragement to us and calling to everyone in the area! 

A crowd soon gathered, and Syd and I staggered up the hill to the roadside. The community helped get our belongings out my poor car. Guitar luthier Ian Corr collected us from Butterworth and afforded us a few days recovery at his home in Morgan Bay. Physically we were fine except for the usual whiplash, bumps and scrapes and Syd had a few broken ribs! My car was a write-off, my guitar smashed (Syd's Maingard survived thanks to my guitars sacrifice). It was a day of a strange and miraculous event 30 November 2008,  Still, the tour went on...


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

An Old Tale from the Road

It is only fitting that the first tale in The Wanderer Journal begins with a past-time which took place on a long road between East London & Port Alfred in the South African landscapes known to most as pineapple country...

An Old Tale from the Road  Excerpt from 'Hinds Bros tour blog 2011'
19 January 2011
So, yesterday we were on the road for some 14 hours or so in total – we maintained sharing the driving. Around midday between East London & Port Alfred, the sun beating down upon the harsh and desert-like pineapple country on a long desolate road that seems like its taking you straight to hell, one of those roads that remind you of Highway 61, we overtook a truck with a sudden burst of speed - and a little figure suddenly ran into the road waving us down –a dancer? a bum? A thirsty pilgrim? A baddy? – No… the little figure was that most dreaded sight for any modern day journeyman - a traffic cop...

Anyhow, we got out the car, and he asked in a kaap accent, “do you always speed around like this?” He informed us we were driving 120 in an 80 zone & sent us to his accomplice, who was casually half-sitting in the backseat of the police car ready to issue our fine. He pointed to his clipboard with a rusty knife and informed us the fine was R1500! :(  We explained to him that we are just traveling musicians - he said “the singers must pay their fine then”. We told him we are simply poor singers, then he asked what music we make. “Guitar music”, we says, and told him we have the guitars in the car - he said to bring one. Indeed we did, and proceeded to sing in harmony: "Jesus, won't you come by here/now is such a needy time"-an old folk song we learnt from our friend Syd Kitchen (dankie oom) .

The cop looked a little perplexed, then a little happy. He asked us a few questions, then said he's not going to fine us... We thanked him sincerely-  he smiled inquisitively, and we proceeded on our journey. That night we performed @ Surf CafĂ© in Plett...