Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ocean of Milk Launch Day - A Very Good Day Indeed

So today is a very happy day for us friends. Our debut album, Ocean of Milk, is now officially available for you to hear and share. We consider this to be the culmination of a lot of energy over the 4 years that we've worked together as Hinds Brothers. The journey has had it's difficulties no doubt, but today we feel that whatever they have been, it has all been worth it.

The time has come to listen to the record..........

If the sound is sweet to your ears, we have some beautifully packaged card digipack CDs with 16 page booklets that smell very good to the nose too... A digital download in any format you may desire is also available.

You know, this kind of love makes the world go round...
Aden & Wren

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